Post-doctoral Fellowship Projects


Andrée-Anne Marchand DC PhD

Program of Study: Postdoctoral Training Program

Institution: Ontario Tech University 

Project Title: The burden of disability associated with mental health disorders and musculoskeletal pain in the Canadian population

Project Background: The disability associated with the concomitance of musculoskeletal pain and mental health disorders poses a significant problem for populations worldwide. Despite large societal investments in the treatment of these conditions, the prevalence of resulting disabilities continues to grow. A comprehensive understanding of the association between musculoskeletal pain and mental health disorders is fundamental

to the future development of prevention and therapeutic interventions for disability. 


Project Objectives: 

Using data from the Canadian Community Health Survey, this project aims to improve knowledge about the combined impact of mental health disorders and on disability by:

  1. describing the extent of the presence of disability associated to these conditions in the Canadian population;

  2. determining whether the presence of disability associated with musculoskeletal pain and mental health disorders varies across provinces and time; and 

  3. determining which sociodemographic, health, occupational and community characteristics are associated with disability and these disorders. 


Funding Source:  

  • Quebec Health Research Fund  


  • Dr. Pierre Côté

  • Dr. Krystle Martin 

  • Dr. Sheilah Hogg-Johnson 

  • Dr. Jessica Wong 

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